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Heaven in a chocolate pot

The Georgians certainly knew how to treat themselves… here’s a luxurious recipe for Chocolate Cream

18th century recipe for Chocolate Cream from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

18th century recipe for Chocolate Cream from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

Chocolate Cream

Take a qrt of cream. When boyled & cold an ounce of chocolate scrept finely, the yolks of 2 eggs & 1 white, some sugar to yr taste. Put these to yr chocolate pot & mill it well, then put it in yr cups or dishes.

Coffee houses had first started serving chocolate drinks to Londoners in the mid 17th century, and the city was soon swept up in a craze for hot chocolate. Initially the beverages were prepared with chocolate, spices and water. Milk and cream were added from second quarter of the 18th century, raising drinking chocolate to a whole new level of luxury.

The Georgians considered chocolate to be a refined, adult beverage. It was known for its aphrodisiac properties and prized as a mental stimulant.

A chocolate pot (chocolatière) and mill (moulinet) were essential pieces of kit for a Georgian century lady. The chocolatière ressembled the sort of coffee pots we still see today, but it had a hinged lid through which the moulinet – a small wooden beater – could be inserted to agitate the hot chocolate mixture. The sign of a good hot chocolate was froth – the more the better! To achieve optimal frothiness, the hot chocolate would have been poured out little by little, and whisked with the moulinet between each pouring.


Here’s our 21st century take on the recipe. Chocolatières and moulinets are harder to come by these days, so a saucepan and whisk will do…

1 litre double cream

25g of chocolate (80 % cacao)

2 egg yolks

1 egg white

Approx 75g sugar, according to taste

Put the cream in a saucepan and put over a medium-high heat. When it comes to the boil, turn off the heat and allow to cool a little.

Chop the chocolate into fine pieces.

Whisk the eggs together in a small bowl, and mix into the warm cream along with the chocolate.

Add sugar to taste.

Whisk all the ingredients together vigorously, until the mixture is frothy and well-combined

Pour into 8 glasses and serve!

4 thoughts on “Heaven in a chocolate pot

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  2. The froth is notoriously hard to get. In pre-Spanish South America I’ve been told an extra compound was added which was omitted when chocolate crossed to Europe, with the result that a thick froth is virtually unobtainable. That said, vigorous chocolate mill action will get you some way toward it, provided you can find one!

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