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Cheese-less cheesecake

Almond cheesecakes such as these may well have drawn in the punters at the popular Hyde Park ‘Cheesecake House’. The recipes yield quite different results from the American-style baked cheesecakes we are familiar with today – the first produces a fragrant kind of ¬†frangipane, and the second a pastry tart with a dense and buttery sweet almond filling.

Neither of today’s recipes have complete instructions (both miss out the baking stage), but if you fancy a go at Georgian cheesecake, you can find an adapted recipe in our Cooking Up History section.

A recipe for almond chese cakes from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

A recipe for almond chese cakes from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

To Make Almond Chese Cakes

Take half a pd of Jordon almonds. Pound them with rose water, but not to mash. The yolks of 5 eggs well beat with half a pd of loaf sugar pounded, a qr of a pd of butter drawn thick, prity cool. When in, 3 spoonfulls of orange flower water. Take care the almonds bent the least oyled in pounding. Mix all the ingredients well together. Ye allmond cheese cakes.

The bitter almonds and ratifia in our second recipe should be avoided if you value your health, as they can lead to cyanide poisoning. Ground almonds from the supermarket and almond essence are perfectly fine and much safer substitutes!

Another recipe for cheese cakes from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

Another recipe for cheese cakes from The Cookbook of Unknown Ladies

To Make Cheese Cakes

Take half a pound of sugr well dried, pounded & sifted, half a pound of Jordon almonds, with a few bitter almonds among them, pounded but not to fine, the yolks of eight eggs. Beat your eggs & sugr well to gather before you put in the almonds. When near going into the oven, put in a little brandy and a cup of sweet cream. Drudge them well with sugar as you fill them. Wet your almonds when pounding with with a little ratifie or rose water. Keep out part of the sugar for drudging them or they will be too sweet. The paste for cheese cakes must be made with half a pound of butter and half a pound of flower.

Check out our adapted recipe for Georgian almond cheesecakes, and let us know how you get on with making them up in your own kitchen! Leave comments here on the blog or send your photos and findings into us at archives@westminster.gov.uk!

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